Scope of services

The tools to fit your needs.

Full Service 

Wide range of production services and technical capabilities in Adobe Creative Cloud. Oliver is a complete filmmaker with a love for working with clients on the full spectrum of their project, from ideation to delivery. Through all stages - pre-production, production, and post - Oliver is a dedicated and impassioned individual who loves to bring client's ideas to life. He is an editorshooter, and director who loves bouncing ideas off walls until one sticks. 





Wide range of tools to fit any budget. Whether filming with studio style with a RED Epic Dragon or 'running and gunning' with an a7s Mark 2 on a DJI Ronin, Oliver and his team have the professional equipment and scale to fit your needs. With audio and lighting covered, if we don't have what your project needs, we certainly have friends that do.



Does your project need access to a studio space run by fantastic people with strong services? Oliver has a strong working relationship with the good people over at Hurling Studios. If a controlled and elegant space is what your project requires, then look no further than this full service production facility. Click > Here < to check them out.